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Message from the Chairman


After a career in healthcare which included serving as district manager in two Chinese provinces for the leading international pharmaceutical firm Pfizer, I decided to use my personal knowledge and resources to better the lives of my fellow countrymen by founding what now is known as China Health Industries Holdings, Inc. (CHHE).


CHHE develops and markets various solutions for healthy living including some of our nation’s most effective Traditional Chinese Medicines, organic nutritional supplements (see “Products” tab). As I look down the road, these solutions will include organically grown foods, new diet programs, and other healthy living aids.  Perhaps most excitingly, we also plan to form a vertically-integrated ‘Health’ platform to make our products and programs available to anyone who wants to have a healthy life. Through this endeavor, we hope to utilize our R&D strength to develop more products to meet more individual consumer needs. Next, we will spend more resources on R&D of hemp-based products and anti-cancer drugs.



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