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China Health Industries Holdings, Inc. (CHHE) produces, markets and distributes high-quality medicines, health products, health devices and cosmetics from all over the world.


CHHE owns GMP-certified plant and facilities and manufactures 21 FDA-approved medicines and 14 health supplement products in soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet, granule and oral liquid forms. Our products series cover hemp-based food, hemp-based medicines, external used medicines and health food. These products address key major markets, including women’s products, geriatric products, children’s Products and other vital market sectors.


Aiming to become one of China’s few vertically-integrated companies in the health sector, CHHE intends to market much of its product line covering all of China as well as overseas countries.  As a first step toward implementing this business plan, we strategically transfer our business to production, sales and R&D of Hemp-based products in 2018. This transfer strategy will enable us to expand market and meet more individual consumer needs. Next, we will soon establish sales center and chain-store to connect consumers closely with our products.

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